Monday, 22 June 2009

Rest Rest Rest

Continuous outing for 4 days.
For such a long time ( perhaps 4 weeks ), i was not in such a good mood. However, I have to begin my study journey soon. 3 Tests fall on week 8 which is middle of July. Completely no make- good test for us. 3 and 1/2 hours paper from 2.30 to 6 pm for each paper.

Now is on Week 5 !!
HOnestly speaking, it's insufficient time for me to be well- prepared. 3 subjects in 3 weeks time. P2 tuition starts soon in early of July which is going to take away my lovely SUndays. Gosh !! HecTic LIfe.

Good Rest. I never regretted for been resting for 4 days. Rest well is the preparation for long Journey.

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Yo Sushi

It's been long time i did not have my blog updated but once there's a new's about food again. I can guess wat you all think about. You all should be thinking that i must put on my weigh rite. I wanna have some clarification. Don't judge me based on the pics i post on facebook and blogs. Those pics were taken in May. And now it's June. It's different you know. My face is not tat round anymore due to my 'nice' timetable that requires me to have 8 am class for 4 day in a row and stress.

okie. Back to the things that i wanna share.

Before visiting dear's family, we had our lunch at Pavilion.

Yo Sushi

Hairy Prawn



Unagi ( LUv it so much !! )

As a conclusion, personally i prefer Sushi Zammai to Yo Sushi. Their sushi are so mouth watering which make you can't resist to them. Anyway It's not a bad idea to place a visit to SUshi Zammai.

What's next??

MOF dessert !!!

Everytime i pass by MOF, i will steal a look on their menu. Finally, we are here !!

mine ( mini size )


The best mango ice i have.

Actually it's enough for 2 ppl to consume, but too bad we didn't know it. When it's put on the table, Wah !!

So big a.

As predicted, dear couldn't finish it.