Friday, 24 July 2009

Now i only know love is not about two people matters.

Thursday, 23 July 2009


I am now enjoying my short and stress-free holiday. It's so good to unwind after having my mid term war. But then, i predicted my result for my mid term is not good.
Keep telling myself you have final exam,still, it means that you have another chance.

It's so sad that time passed so fast and my holidays left 3 days.
I have come out with a list that i hope i can have it done before i am back to the battle.

1. Movie SesSions - [ Status ]
  • Transformer -[ done ]
  • Ice Age 3 [ done ]
  • Harry Potter -[ done ]

2. Shopping Sessions - [ Posponed] -Too bad, lack of cash in hand.

3. Traveling Sessions -

  • Malacca or other places [ done ]

4. Revision - [ Posponed] -Not in the mood to study, i know i shouldn't be lazy

5. Sing K Session - [Done]

6. Online & Dramas - [Done] * Wink Wink *