Monday, 30 August 2010

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Saturday, 21 August 2010

Happy Birthday to Dear: Part 2

After my 1St surprise for him at 12am midnight, this is my part 2.

07.08.2010 ( Dear's Birthday)

Early in the morning at 6.30am, forcing myself to wake up. @@

I have a birthday date with my love one starting 8.30am. But i woke up so early for some preparation.

Not for myself, but preparation for cooking spaghetti as breakfast for him.

i know nothing about cooking ! But i learn for him.

This counted the 2nd surprise for him. But i did not snap some pics due to time constraint so just cut it short.

Not forgetting, giving morning call in case he overslept.

Don't worry, i am not so fierce.

After we had our breakfast at my home, we went back to his home. ( for what?)

3rd Surprise

I did mention about i must go back home early on yesterday before end of his working hours.

In fact, i went to his home at 5pm (06.08.2010). Also, his parents were so great, promising me to keep it as secret.

I handed an envelope to him. He smiled and got it from me.

What's inside the envelope?

hand-made birthday card?

When he opened it, hmm.. something was wrong.

It was a mission for him instead of a birthday card. :P Some clues for him to guess our first destination of our outing of the day.

He kept asking me the places to go before his birthday and on the day itself, but my answer is the same. 'Nope, dear, I'll only reveal it when it is the time. '

I wanted to keep everything as secrets.

The First card given in the envelope : N
Hint behind the card: Cupboard

I can't see his blur face. ' huh? i got so many things inside my cupboard. Where to find?'

Without delaying my schedule, i give him some tips.

Within 10-15 mins, he collected all the cards.

Location of the cards:

N : Envelope
T : Cupboard (shirt)

I : Drawer
N : Bookshelf

E : Toilet ( i went toilet before starting the game just to put a card)

G : Desk
(Extra tips: inside box)
G : Desk
( Extra tips: underneath )

Can u guess what do these alphabets represent?

The answer is :


. G.E.N.T.I.N.G

I think you all must guess that this plan has worked out smoothly, but it turned out to be 'no'.


My Grandma has asked him before we heading back to his house. 'Eh, go genting why should u wear short pants, not cold ka?'

OMG !!!

So, my advice is don't tell your family where will u go. If yes, tell them not to bocorkan.

However, my dear said that he likes the game. And started to throw me tons of questions.

'When you came here? how come i dunno?'
'How you got inside my house?'
bla bla bla

Although he knew the answer of the game before this, what he appreciated was the effort i have put in. It made me feel warm =) With love.

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Happy Birthday to Dear: Part 1

This is the 2nd year i have celebrated my dear's birthday. Since i'm free before his big day, i decided to give him surprise & squeezed my brain juice to work out a birthday celebration plan. It took me around 4-5 days to plan everything from searching info to preparing.

Here comes the 1st surprise for him. A day before 07.08.2010, i went to Pavilion and bought him a birthday cake. My budget only allowed me (with no income) to buy a small one for him.

Since it is a surprise, i must go back before end of his working hours so that he thought i was staying home whole Friday and also for other reason (will reveal it on the next post!)

He hinted me that he wanna go out that night but i couldn't. I have been busy since morning till before 12am just for all the preparations. He called me up at around 11.30pm ( i knew it) and after some chats, i ended the call for a reason and he believed it!

Quickly, i headed to his house and able to reach in 3-4 mins as he lives nearby me. I called him back and pretending i was calling from home. In the midst of the call, i asked him to go out from his house.

He did not believe i was outside his house...with his birthday cake. My first surprise was successful =)

Don't count the candles! Not reflecting his real age. The cake is too small to put all the candles.

Obviously he did not expected i would go to his house in the midnight. I could see that he was thrilled for my surprise. Glad =)

Holding his cake.

was caught curi makan =.= lll


Click here for Part 2.

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Monday, 16 August 2010

Product Review: The 10th day of using Avėne Sensitive White

Hi. Remember my post about the Avėne Sensitive White sent to me by Only Beauty? Once again, thanks Generous Only Beauty for selecting me as one of the winner of Avėne Campaign.

Only Beauty- Understanding, Sampling, Sharing. You'll be beneficial to become their members. They are giving samples of skin care products, sharing beauty tips, sharing some information about the upcoming new products. Besides, there are some contests running throughout the week. Register as one of their member at Only Beauty official website:

Avėne. What comes to my mind is its famous Thermal Spring Water. I’m also one of the user of Avėne Thermal Spring Water too.

Let’s see what does Avėne say about their products which will be coming out soon in September 2010 at selected Guardian Pharmacy, Watson’s Personal Care Store, Sasa Cosmetics and Independent Pharmacies.

Or kindly visit here.

"As specialists of sensitive skin, Avėne Dermatological Laboratories have developed SENSITIVE WHITE, a new range of whitening skin care with Avėne Thermal Spring Water-remove. It contains a unique combination-remove of 3 complementary –remove actives combining efficacy and good tolerance to meet the needs of sensitive skin while also respecting its fragility! "

Good news
for those having sensitive skin. From last time till now, I was told that, those having sensitive skin are not encouraged to use Whitening products. But, now, having fairer skin is no more far-reached dreams. Sensitive skin type can use whitening products too!

One thing to notice is Avene Sensitive White products are free of Paraben, fragrance, and alcohol! With its 3 complementary-remove products, this program will quickly become the invaluable ally of sensitive skin, and restore its translucence.

My Questions

1. The first question come to my mind- I’m not having sensitive skin. Can I use Avėne Sensitive White?

Well. I was told that even those having normal skin, they can use Avėne Products. The ingredients used are gentle and suitable for normal and sensitive skin.

2. My skin is fair. Do I need to use whitening products? I would look like Zombie from Malaysia if my skin becomes fairer.

For those having fair skin, they stand high chances to have brown spots. I have my skin analysis before, and the SA told me I have brown spots!! I must do something to prevent them transforming into pigmentation. If you have pigmentation, the amount of $ spent would be much more higher. Prevention is better than cure.

Don’t worry, Avėne Sensitive White makes u happy! Sensitive White products can result in lightening of brown spots. Yippie ^^

Sensitive White program consists steps of ‘Prepare, Correct, Prevent & Hydrate'.


1.Avene Sensitive White Lotion

  • smoothes the skin's texture
  • prepares it for receiving the other products in the sensitive white range,which as a result are better absorbed for maximum efficacy.
  • It’s rich in moisturizing agents which leaves skin feeling soft and hydrated*

They are not forgetting giving skin hydration also. Hydrating & Whitening when you're using Sensitive White products. What do u wan more than this? =)

It's transparent liquid. I love this lotion. I put few drops onto my palm and massage my palms to warm it first then only applying on my face. The lotion is pleasant and soft. Really making my skin soft & fresh after application not forgetting to hydrate our skin too.

Direction for use: Apply morning and evening to face using a cotton pad, or with the palm of your hand. Follow with the sensitive white whitening Essence.


2. Avene Sensitive White Essence

Notice there is a ‘must try’ sticker? This is definitely a must try products. Good products I should say.

  • Highly concentrated in powerful ingredients
  • It’s effectively helps combat the appearance of blemishes
  • Enabling the complexion to remain clear and translucent.
  • Its effectiveness is reinforced by moisturizing agent.

The whitening essence in white & is light and non greasy type. Completely invisible opalescent essence. I’m very particular about essence and this is one of the essence that in my favourite list. You know why? It leaves my skin translucent and my skin is smooth.

Direction for use:
Applying the equivalent of 2 doses morning and evening to face and neck before daily application of sensitive white fluid or sensitive white cream

Here comes the last step of this whitening program.

Prevent & Hydrate
There are two products under this steps which are whitening fluid and whitening cream. Select fluid or cream texture according to your skin requirement.

3. Avene Sensitive White Fluid

While for me, i received whitening fluid.

  • Help combat the appearance of blemishes everyday and to retain a clear, translucent complexion.
  • Provide skin comfort thanks to its moisturizing* agents
  • Magnifies skin thanks to its sebum absorbent capsules.

I usually use gel type moisturizer and seldom go for cream and fluid one. My skin will be oily especially on my T-Zone area sometime after application if i use cream type. This is my first time trying fluid type moisturizer.

Whitening fluid is ultra light& it’s in white milky type. It’s non greasy. Non greasy products leaving the skin non sticky, It absorbed fast into my skin and my skin isn’t sticky at all. I’m pleasant for this =)

Avene stated ‘ leaving non-sticky, non greasy finish and I’m totally agree with Avene. Seriously, I really fall in love Whitening Fluid! Avene should have another * Must try* sticker on this product too!

Even after few hours of application, my cheeks are not oily. My T-zone showed less shine. How could I not fallen in love Whitening Fluid?

Direction for use:
Applying the equivalent of 2 doses morning and evening to face and neck.

Before using

After Using for 10 days

The brightening of each picture varies because these photos are taken at different place.

After using Sensitive White products, I can see the whitening effect on my skin but maybe the photos do not show the whitening effect on my face due to the photos were taken at different place. However, I can see the products really work very well on whitening my acne scars that has taken long time to disappear. Some acne scars already stood still on my forehead for two months.

I have tried many products on my acne scars which do not satisfy me at all. But, Avene Sensitive White helps me a lot. Whitening my acne scars in just 10 days. And for some acne scars, they even totally disappeared. This really makes me appreciate the products even more!

Stay tuned for more updates from me =)

Click & go to Part 2.

Sunday, 15 August 2010

I need help!

Can anyone tell me why there are diff types of wording after i publish my post? i copy and paste from Microsoft words paragraph by paragraph. What should i do to standardize the font? My avene post looks so ugly! hate =(

Friday, 13 August 2010

Isetan – Padini Group Fair

Isetan – Padini Group Fair

Summary: Discounts Up To 70%. *On selected items.

Brands Offered:

  • Padini
  • Seed
  • Padini Authentics

Company: Isetan

Sales: 20th August 2010 till 25th August 2010

Venue: Isetan KLCC

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Laneige Water Bank Road Show - Parkson Pavilion

Good news! Anyone miss Laneige Roadshow before this?
Laniege is going to Parkson Pavilion for the Water Bank Road Show starting 12th to 18th August 2010. Exciting moisture sets for u too !

Get your FREE skin moisture check and also receive a free trial pack after service.

Grab them before they're gone as some sets are available in limited quantities.

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Free Vampires Suck Movie Tickets

Ladies & Gentlemen

It's another free movie ticket giveaway.

Any interest to watch Vampire Suck after gila gila Twilight ?


Becca, an anxious, non-vampire teen, is torn between two boys. Before she can choose, Becca must get around her controlling father, who embarrasses Becca by treating her like a child. Meanwhile, Becca's friends contend with their own romantic issues – all of which collide at the prom. and 20th Century Fox are giving away 30 pairs of special screening tickets to Vampire Sucks.

To win a pair tickets, login on to The Star Online to print the voucher between August 12-17, 2010. * You must register as MyStars member.

Redemption Details

Date : 19 August (Thursday)

Time : 11am to 1 pm ; While stocks last

Venue : Lobby of Menara Star, Star Publications 15 Jln 16/11, Section 16, 46350 Petaling Jaya

Screening Details

Date : 24 August (Tuesday)

Time : 9pm

Venue : GSC 1 Utama, New Wing (Hall 11)

More info: pls go to

Monday, 9 August 2010

Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant – Subang USJ

Food.. Food & Food again. Don't worry. More posts about food to come.

It's Sunday night. Both of us had no idea which restaurant should we dine in. Dear suggested we should have a try on korean food. I have never tried korean food before and my answer definitely would be yes!

Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant

Daorae Korean BBQ has some outlets located in Subang USJ, Kota Damansara, Puchong, Kepong & Desa Sri Hartamas. Mine is Subang USJ.

There was a long queue. We did not make reservation and we had to wait.

The environment


Side Dishes (from my side)

And from his side ^^

The side dishes are free of charge. And surprisingly, the side dishes taste good! Superb!

Grill Section

The restaurant is non- halal & pork is served. If you want the grill, you must order at least two meat items. It's not a good thing if there are only 2 of you! The opportunity cost is forgoing other dishes just for the grill.

Most of the customers want the grill section. Impossible to miss it out. The aroma of the grilled meat permeated the whole restaurant. * Must Try *

The staff came and helped us to grill the meats. What u need to do is just to wait & eat.

Waiting patiently

All grilled meats that we ordered - Sam Kyub- Sal & Hangbang Samkyup

* feel like wanna beat me ? * haha

1. Choosing which side dishes..hmm and put them on the vege

I'm putting too much on it.

2. Wrap it & eat

Combination of some side dishes & the meat. Thumb Up !!!!!! Seriously, it's nice. No kidding

Spicy Korean Rice (Dderk- Bokgi)

We asked the waiter whether the spicy korean rice is served in big portion. He answered me 'no!
=.= Not honest ya.

We sat there for 2 hour plus trying very hard to finish the food (bcos for me, it's expensive). After the meal, we smell like BBQ meats !!

Those who see me recently, you all must notice my face is round (you know the reason). It's easy to be fat rather than to get rid of those 'fats' that rest comfortably in my body.

End of lovely Sunday Night- 31/07/2010

New Zealand Natural Ice Cream

Yummy. I love Ice Cream !!! Finally, i get to try New Zealand Natural Ice Cream.

Mango Yogurt

I love Mango Yogurt. It's not too sweet. 'Ngam Ngam Hou'.