Monday, 5 May 2008

Sek Hou Restuarant

Date: 5 May 2008
Time: 2PM
Venue: Sek Hou Restaurant, Times Square 3rd Floor

Guess what did i do at that time? of course, having my lunch. Here i came again. We took such a long time to think what food should we order. A bit paiseh le. The pictures of the food shown in the menu looked so mouth-watering. It took me time to opt. In the meantime, i could hear sound coming from my stomach. My mummy and my bro did not notice it. Thanks god. If not, my stupid brother will laugh at me again.

Wanna know what have i ordered?



Haha. Lately, i like to take the picture of the food. My beloved mummy even laughed at me. She asked whether i want to take the pic of all the food i consume. I nodded my head and answered her 'yea, of course'. The drink tastes so so. Frankly,I prefer the one i had last week. It is yam favour. I love Yam.


It looked nicer than mine one. This was what my brother ordered. Nice?

What came to my mind when i first saw this~~it looked like a dustbin.
To be honest, my diet plan has never been successfully carried out. In fact, i put on my weight. Sob Sob. It saddened me.

Saturday, 3 May 2008

FIsh Spa

Have you ever heard about fish spa previously? i just knew there-is-something-called-fish-spa yesterday. When i was having my shopping in Times Square, i came to 3rd level and there was something a distance away drew my attention- the fair which surrounded with pink light. The fair is situated in front of the 3rd level cinema. From far, I saw a couple having their legs soaked in the water, it made my curiousity aroused. As i approached them, i only found out there are a lot of small fish in the aquarium. The fish are playing happily with their legs. Hehe. Through Jamie, i ony got to know it is a fish spa. What came to mind immediately, the fishie have teeth or not ..couldn't they smell the busuk-ness of legs...the couple din feel painful de? As i looked at them, no sign of painful-ness revealed on their faces. Okie, safe.

This is what so called Fish Spa

When i was reading stars online, i found an interesting article titled 'Something's fishy'. Okie, it's about fish spa. Of course, it is a nice article which is worth-while spending time to have a glance at it. Fish spas are all the range in Malaysia. It is a treatment involved dipping your leg into a pool of fish. It is a way of exfoliating.

Finally, it's our lunch time.

If you are interested in fish spas and wanna try it out, you can visit Sampuoton Spa which is located in Petaling Jaya. Sampuoton Spa also offers full body treatment using Garra Rufa fish from Turkey. The little cute Garra Rufa fish will search for their 'food' which is 'you'. They nibble on your dead skin cells present on your surface skin. Erm..sound quite funny and...probably itchy too. The treatment takes approximately 1 hour. What you need to do is relaxing and playing with those cute fishie. Once they're done, wooh~ the best is coming next. You can enjoy a soothing massage which nourishes your skin. It offers Aroma Massage, Swedish Massage,Double Herbal Compress Massage and Quad Aroma Healing Hands Massage

what a serene ambience i like it. ^^

Wah~~fishie fishie

For more information, please visit Or you can visit Times Square 3rd Level to try it out.

Welcome to Xiao Yue's World

Hihi. finally my new blog is created today. First of all, let me welcome you all to my blog. Hehe. Honestly, i used to have a blog few years ago. However, due to my 'laziness', i hardly update my blog. Secondly, because of my 'bighead prawn', i have forgotten my password too. Therefore, i decided to abandon my old blog. Sorry~~~don't blame me. Having a new blog created, at least there is something for me to do in order to get rid of boredom.