Sunday, 27 July 2008

Sickness...Plz go away from me

It's so suffering. Having flu, sore throat at the same time. Thanks god. No more fever. It's really torturing me...First, it makes me sleepy all the time. I always wanted to sleep after taking medicine. Well, i guess it's pretty normal. Patient should rest more, if not they are unable to recover soon. This is wat i ususally heard frm friends. So, i sleep always. Hehe. Second, i don get to smell anything even the the stinking smell of the fish...or the fetid rubbish......( I should be glad for this)..but i could smell the durian. My family are eating durians downstairs. I long to eat durian for long time but they choose to have it when i am SICK. Wuwuwuwuwu. It's so unfair.

Friday, 25 July 2008

Good or Bad???

Today is my favourite day, Friday. The most awaitng day of mine.Why? Firstly, my class will end early on every friday at 2.30. Normally, i won't go back to my hse after class. Haha. Then what i would do? of coz. Shopping. Most of the time is window shopping. The main reason is short of cash on hand. Anyone want to give me financial assistance? Secondly, fridays are the most relaxing days of mine as it is the beginning of I-do-not-need-to-go-coll day. I hate to travel to coll everyday by train. It's so tiring, u know? Having to bring the stupid thick text book and some notes with me, at the same time, also a bag...being the sandwich in the middle of the train, hope u can imagine it.

Seem like i drag the story until quite far. Ok. Back to the main point. Good or bad? what does it mean? Suppose, today is my favourite day. Howevere, many unforeseen things happened. WHAT ARE THEY?

Okie. Start my story. Today i reach at coll at around 9.10, if i am not mistaken. I quickly went to the antartic, my coll library to search for a PC. It's because i received a msg from my assitance classrep, saying he could not open my presentation slides. It makes me so nervous man. And another matter saddened me. I couldn't open another copy of presentation slides in my pendrive. Sweat. Then, i had a thought of going back home to take the copy in my PC. Then, i quickly went out frm library and walked to the main gate. Many thoughts running in my head. Finally, i called Shi Min, my classrep to ask her about the hp no of English Lecturer, Ms Teresa. But, she doesn't have it. Again, sad again. I thought i could call Ms Teresa up to tell her about the problem i was having. Shi Min, being helpful classrep helped me to check my files and went to the office of Mr Teresa also. Luckily, she was there. After checking my files, and we found there are viruses in my pendrive. Stupid Viruses. I wish u r physically in existance so i can release my anger to u. I would step u become a piece of shit. Haha. What am i talking about? My presentation is postponed to next Tue.

Secondly, I dropped my spec into the toilet when i was having a wat so called 10 mins short break. I was so careless. Sigh. I did not want to take it out frm the toilet bowl le. Yuck. So dirty. I am not going to wear it also if i can get it out. Do u want to wear on it? I guess NO. Hehe.

After the 3 hours talk, our class went to dine one of the restaurant in Wangsa Maju. I do think that it wasn't a bad thing. Instead we were playing happily in the restaurant. We snat lots of photos using Yeng Kai's digital camera. It's so good that he did bring it along. Around 7.50pm, we went off as it was late. It's time to go home.

So? u think it's good or bad day for me?

Thursday, 17 July 2008


I'm here again. Finally i have another new post here. Frankly speaking, i am lazy to update a new one. Hehe. Just back from the Mun Theng's bday celebration. AND i am so so so so so tired and i use it as reason for giving myself a short rest. (in fact, it is not a short one. From 6sth till 9 sth). i ended up doing nothing but chatthing with friends and viewing profiles.

I know well that it's not going to work. But, i still need some rest. (haha. excuses). I AM SO SLEEPY RIGHT NOW. BUT still trying to get myself awake. I wish i could go neway or redbox right now. I miss the place.