Sunday, 27 July 2008

Sickness...Plz go away from me

It's so suffering. Having flu, sore throat at the same time. Thanks god. No more fever. It's really torturing me...First, it makes me sleepy all the time. I always wanted to sleep after taking medicine. Well, i guess it's pretty normal. Patient should rest more, if not they are unable to recover soon. This is wat i ususally heard frm friends. So, i sleep always. Hehe. Second, i don get to smell anything even the the stinking smell of the fish...or the fetid rubbish......( I should be glad for this)..but i could smell the durian. My family are eating durians downstairs. I long to eat durian for long time but they choose to have it when i am SICK. Wuwuwuwuwu. It's so unfair.

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