Saturday, 21 August 2010

Happy Birthday to Dear: Part 2

After my 1St surprise for him at 12am midnight, this is my part 2.

07.08.2010 ( Dear's Birthday)

Early in the morning at 6.30am, forcing myself to wake up. @@

I have a birthday date with my love one starting 8.30am. But i woke up so early for some preparation.

Not for myself, but preparation for cooking spaghetti as breakfast for him.

i know nothing about cooking ! But i learn for him.

This counted the 2nd surprise for him. But i did not snap some pics due to time constraint so just cut it short.

Not forgetting, giving morning call in case he overslept.

Don't worry, i am not so fierce.

After we had our breakfast at my home, we went back to his home. ( for what?)

3rd Surprise

I did mention about i must go back home early on yesterday before end of his working hours.

In fact, i went to his home at 5pm (06.08.2010). Also, his parents were so great, promising me to keep it as secret.

I handed an envelope to him. He smiled and got it from me.

What's inside the envelope?

hand-made birthday card?

When he opened it, hmm.. something was wrong.

It was a mission for him instead of a birthday card. :P Some clues for him to guess our first destination of our outing of the day.

He kept asking me the places to go before his birthday and on the day itself, but my answer is the same. 'Nope, dear, I'll only reveal it when it is the time. '

I wanted to keep everything as secrets.

The First card given in the envelope : N
Hint behind the card: Cupboard

I can't see his blur face. ' huh? i got so many things inside my cupboard. Where to find?'

Without delaying my schedule, i give him some tips.

Within 10-15 mins, he collected all the cards.

Location of the cards:

N : Envelope
T : Cupboard (shirt)

I : Drawer
N : Bookshelf

E : Toilet ( i went toilet before starting the game just to put a card)

G : Desk
(Extra tips: inside box)
G : Desk
( Extra tips: underneath )

Can u guess what do these alphabets represent?

The answer is :


. G.E.N.T.I.N.G

I think you all must guess that this plan has worked out smoothly, but it turned out to be 'no'.


My Grandma has asked him before we heading back to his house. 'Eh, go genting why should u wear short pants, not cold ka?'

OMG !!!

So, my advice is don't tell your family where will u go. If yes, tell them not to bocorkan.

However, my dear said that he likes the game. And started to throw me tons of questions.

'When you came here? how come i dunno?'
'How you got inside my house?'
bla bla bla

Although he knew the answer of the game before this, what he appreciated was the effort i have put in. It made me feel warm =) With love.

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jasonW' said...

1st trial can be delicious ad the spaghetti~~not bad..thx gal spend ur time willing to learn it for dear.

Haha...the destination is ad 'bocorkan' but dear also still surprising that gal playing the games on guessing the destination oo..i think my room is big enough but no place for hiding ur hints..hehe 'easier than ur hiding in office last time'~~

thx very muchi gal~love u so much