Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Happy Birthday to Dear: Part 1

This is the 2nd year i have celebrated my dear's birthday. Since i'm free before his big day, i decided to give him surprise & squeezed my brain juice to work out a birthday celebration plan. It took me around 4-5 days to plan everything from searching info to preparing.

Here comes the 1st surprise for him. A day before 07.08.2010, i went to Pavilion and bought him a birthday cake. My budget only allowed me (with no income) to buy a small one for him.

Since it is a surprise, i must go back before end of his working hours so that he thought i was staying home whole Friday and also for other reason (will reveal it on the next post!)

He hinted me that he wanna go out that night but i couldn't. I have been busy since morning till before 12am just for all the preparations. He called me up at around 11.30pm ( i knew it) and after some chats, i ended the call for a reason and he believed it!

Quickly, i headed to his house and able to reach in 3-4 mins as he lives nearby me. I called him back and pretending i was calling from home. In the midst of the call, i asked him to go out from his house.

He did not believe i was outside his house...with his birthday cake. My first surprise was successful =)

Don't count the candles! Not reflecting his real age. The cake is too small to put all the candles.

Obviously he did not expected i would go to his house in the midnight. I could see that he was thrilled for my surprise. Glad =)

Holding his cake.

was caught curi makan =.= lll


Click here for Part 2.


jasonW' said...

heh..kena tipu on tat eve..but reli very surprising!!!

Thx alot my sweetie galgal plan 4 my - before , eve & on my birthday & spend alot alot time on ur dear dear^_^...Cont with my gal 2nd part ya*

Xiao Yue said...

Blek. So fast commenting. Now it's working hour le. Caught you curi tulang here.

Jessying said...

wah so sweet.. me melt liao!!! Yet Ling.. you so sweet to your darling , sure he melt in your hands liao.. cannot lari!!!

Xiao Yue said...

Melt or not need to ask him le. But Of course he can't lari right now! Lari liao i tarik balik.