Thursday, 5 August 2010

Restaurant Yu Ai Seafood Noodles


It's lovely Saturday afternoon. Dear and i went to Restaurant Yu Ai located @ Segambut Utara. (Same row with RHB Bank) This is the second time i went there.

They offer mainly Seafood noodles in Curry, Tom Yam, and Plain Soup. Besides, they also offer other side dishes but i never have a try before.

The environment

(taken inside the car)

There is a shop located at the shop lot but it's easier to find parking behind the restaurant. So, we normally will have meals here instead of inside the restaurant. And we notice, other customers also love to sit under the trees.


Mine. Seafood Noodles - Tom Yam Soup - estimate RM15 or more.
(we dint ask for the price and not sure whether they do increase it or nt)

Next, dear's seafood noodles- curry.

He laughed when i showed this pic after mine one. He mixed the chillies with curry soup before i could take the pic. = =

*** Tissue is a must. Don't worry, they do provide tissues. Most of us were sweating.

Personally think that, the taste was better when i had it in 2009. The soup was nicer.
Previously, they gave us lots of seafood. Apparently Now, they reduce the portion of it. But still, the seafood noodle is good compared to other (that i have tried before).

2 small seafood noodles + 2 glasses of herbal tea = 34.50

Location: Click on the map.


jasonW' said...

y so many dots there before my curry noodles...keke wana show them beside seafood also got noodles inside ..haha :P

Xiao Yue said...

haha. But i think noodles inside the soup look better le. Blek. But ur noodles look so messy le. Keke