Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Avene Sensitive White Products

I received the Avene New Sensitive White products worth RM400 ++ from Only Beauty yesterday night before the The Last Airbender Preview Screening.

The products include: (from left to right)

1-pc of Whitening Lotion 200ml
1-pc of Whitening Fluid 50ml
1-pc of Whitening Essence50ml

Also, the supplier is so generous and includes the Avene Sunblock as well.

Avene Tres Haute Protection Emulsion 50+ SPF (5ml per pc)

- Avene in Alphabet 'A'-

Check out more info about my review on Avene Sensitive White at below links.

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AnnaYJia said...

Hey finally you got yours too ^^
I dunno does it sent to my hometown address already or not . Gotta check with mummy later ! lol...
No cleanser for this ?

Xiao Yue said...

Hi, AnnaYjia. I get directly from him one. he got say when u will get the products? Ya. Without cleanser. And my cleanser almost finish ad. Have to buy one.

Miu said...

wah how come u special got more sunblock samples wan :(

Xiao Yue said...

Miu: I dunno. He includes 5 inside the paper bag.