Thursday, 6 May 2010


1 , 2 , 3 , 4...

well, counting the number of days left. Unbelievable. Time passed so fast. ONLY LEFT 31 days to ACCA exam. What was i doing just now? Eating. Enjoying. Then now? Online.

Very Gud. Haha.

I have been telling myself to study for last whole week. At last, well, u can guess rite.

Taking P2, P6, and P7 this round. Praying hard that i can pass PLZ.
Revising back all the basic & 3 papers = as if taking 5 papers.

WOw!! SUch a challenging task.
31 days / 5 papers = 6 days per paper

SOmetimes a little pressure is good to encourage u to study. Wanna scare myself abit.

Add oil to myself, proving to others that u can PASS the last three papers.

Hello. It's me. ^^

1 comment:

jasonW' said...

my gal~passing not a problem for u..
n hor someone is telling aim for scoring de hehe..ganbateh my little gal ^_^