Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Product Review: Beauty Talk Bé White

Spotted the Beauty Talk whitening series ‘Be White’ in Sasa stores. It’s a good chance to try Beauty Talk products since the trial kits are available for sales. I am entitled to get this samples at RM5.90 after purchasing the products worth RM30 and above. (NP: RM12.90)

It consists of:-
-2 pc of Cleansing Gel x 2ml
-2 pc of Active Pearl Gel Cream x 2ml
- 2pc of 3D Refining Day Cream (Brightening) x 2ml
- 2pc of Snowy Memory Essence x 2ml
- 2pc of Snowy Moisture Cream x 2ml

The concept of Beauty Talk Bé White Series

Day Care Suggestion

Left to Right: Silky Cleansing Foam, Refine Toning Lotion, Active-Pearl Gel Cream, 3D Refining Day Cream

Samples for day care- Active-Pearl Gel Cream, 3D Refining Day Cream

Active Pearl Gel Cream

Brightens and purifies for translucent-looking skin
Refreshes, Moisturizes and Anti-oxidation

- Anti-oxidant protection
- Clean and brighten
- Anti-acne and oil control
- Moisturizes and repairs

After cleansing, place an adequate amount on the palm of your hand and apply evenly to the face.

Texture: cream type in white

Scent: Smell good

It’s my first time using cream type serum. Normally I use gel type. Although I am having combination skin (oily on T-Zone area and dehydrated on cheek areas), but I do hope to see my nose appears to be oily. It is not sticky. Normally, I do not use whitening product during day time because I worry my skin will turn dark by exposing my face to sunlight. The good point of this product is that it comes with the function of protecting us from UV light.

Rating: 3.5/5

3D Refining Day Cream (Brightening)

It is makeup nourishing cream base with anti-oxidant and sunblock. It prevents your skin from being clogged up by cosmetic products and external pollutants.

The 3D optical effect design will give you a perfect look, as it instantly reflects light to achieve a natural concealing effect.

- Smoothes fine lines
- Multi-whitening actions
- Soothes and Repairs
- Enhanced moisturizing effect
- Improved 3D complexion
How to use: Place adequate amount on your finger tip or a cotton pad and apply evenly to your face. Use more on T-zone for better 3D effect.

Texture: Cream Base.

Scent: It smells nice. If you have used Beauty Talk product before, their products smell good always.

I rate this 3D refining day cream high. Although it is cream but it is not sticky. You will be surprised by its effect. It can act like make up base. And I currently do not own any make up base. I’m thinking to purchase this as it comes two benefits. Skin care+ make up. Two function at one price.

Before & After

- 3D effect-

Previously, my face is dull and uneven skin tone. After applying, It evens out my skin tone and it instantly reflects light to achieve a natural concealing effect looks shining. Don’t get me wrong. It’s not the oily type of shine. It gives me natural glow. My skin looks fabulously natural and makeup-free. My pores appear to be small instantly by just applying a thin layer. Really love this to the max! You shouldn’t miss it.

Rating: 5/5

Night Care

From Left to Right: Double Cleansing gel, Refine Toning Lotion, Snowy Memory Essence, Snowy Moisture Cream

The samples of night care - Double Cleansing gel, Snowy Memory Essence, Snowy Moisture Cream

Double Cleansing Gel

Texture: Watery Base. Does not clog my pores like cleansing oil, I’m fine with it. But the samples is so little, I finish it faster T.T than other samples. It’s not enough for me.

After adding in some water, I message it until it become into foam. The bubble is soft and I like it. Somehow it dries up fast and you need to act fast! Therefore, my samples run out fast.

It cleans pores and leaving skin instantly refreshed and refined.The result is good and my face is clean. Besides it is also make up remover. What you need to do is to make sure u apply it on your skin without adding water.

Snowy Memory Essence

Enables skin to recall its capacity to be fair and white
It effectively inhibit, block and diminish melanin and, at the same time, notably improve, repair and brighten your skin.

-Delay development of melanin
-Hinder melanin formation
-Control spot formation
-Moisturizes, nourishes and repairs the skin

After cleansing face, use adequate amount of product in the palm and apply it onto your face. Gently massage it to generate maximum effect. Recommended to use before bedtime.

Scent: smell good

Texture: It’s watery base.

And it’s easy to spread it on our skin.

It absorbs fast into our skin and hydrates m skin as it contains Sodium Hyaluronate (HA) with the 400 times of water retention capacity over conventional moisturizer.

Rating: 4.5/5

Snowy Moisture Cream

The weightless and smooth creamy texture gives skin a well-nurtured touch. It is like water droplets gliding over your face nourishing your skin instantly. The product simultaneously whitens and re-hydrates your face.

-Brightens and whitens
-Lightens appearance of dark spots
-Moisturizes and repairs
-Anti-aging and anti winkle

Apply adequate amount on your finger tip and massage until the product is fully absorbed.

Cream Type.

I’m glad Snowy Cream is not sticky and oily. I can feel that my skin is soft and moisture. It contains Lactic Acids to enhance the moisturizing effect and reduce formation of fine lines.

Rating: 4/5

Massage your face like the steps below and you could get better result

Overall, I’m satisfied with the products but I could not the result yet. I don mind to purchase any trial kit to try again.


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wow... the 3D refining cream works super well on you. Visible result!

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