Saturday, 7 June 2008


AFA Year 1 Sem 1 has started. Still the same college, same environment, same lecture halls, same classes, but new faces. Things do change as time goes on. It will never be the same. I am trying my best to adapt myself to the changes. 'You'll get some new friends. Meanwhile, you'll lose some old friends.' It's quite true.

Some of my friends couldn't enter into AFA. Sadden me. Only left me and chloe in other tutorial class, group 11 while the rest of the Group 12 gang are in group 13. There are lots of Penang Branch students in AFA this year. As what i've heard, Penang Branch students are so brilliant, clever and smart. I guess they will have their 'Graduate with Distinction' printed nicely on their Diploma Cert. I could say, stilff competition amongst the AFA students. Having a glance on the students in AFA course, as if you can see the phrase ' Smart Student' on their forehead. More than half of the students in Group 11 are from Penang Branch. okie, the 'Quantity' suprised me in the first class i had on Tuesday, which was a Taxation class tutored by Michael Yeo.

Stress. Stress. Stress.......Starting from 2nd week onward, my old friends- i address them as 'Stress Family', visit me. The grandson of 'Stress Family' a.k.a Little Stress , here he comes. His visit is welcomed by me in lieu of his family, especially his Grandpa, Mr Lots of Stress. A little stress indeed is good for me. It could motivate me to exert more effort in my studies. Diploma is different from ACCA. Studying ACCA is totally different story. If you gonna practise what you've done during Diploma Years in these two years, you can die nicely. In other words, last minute study is inapproproate. English, one of the weaknesses of mine. More than thousand times i have told myself, improve your english. It ended up there is no improvement at all. In contrast, my english is getting poorer. It's time to polish up my English. No more excuses for being lazy.

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