Thursday, 25 December 2008

Future Mosquitoes Killer

I have a question to ask.
I wonder why you like me so much.

Please. Don come to me anymore.
Stay away from me.
I know i have been so kind.
I never kill any mosquito before.
Even though i am your target for food.

Again. Again and again.
You are testing my patience.
I'm sorry to say,
this is ur consequences for doing so.
First mosquito was killed.

When i was a small kid
lots of funny and weird thoughts came to my mind
Had an idea to become
Mosquitoes and Cockroach Killer !!!!!

Imagining i create a program
Specially for them
Once the program starts
It will scan through my house
Once it detects mosquitoes
also ugly and disgusting cockroach
Ti Ti Ti
Vanish in front of my eyes

O Mi Tuo Fuo~~~

Da da da
That's the end of ur lives.

If i could have such ability to come out with this program
It would be great
but i am future accountant or auditor
this thing would never come into realistic

Mosquitoes and Cockroach are clapping.

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