Friday, 16 July 2010

Max @ ihaus

Hmm. FInally a new post from me.

On my 365th day, someone brought me to this restaurant. he has been so secretive about its name. WOrrying that i would google it out.

-Max at ihaus-
Previosuly known as Max! Kitchen & Wines at Tengkat T
ong Shin. Now, they have moved to Bukit Bintang area.

Although it is located in Bukit Bintang area, but until dear told me about its existence, i know nothing about it. And it is hard to find this place for first time visitor.

For your information, there are ample of parking spaces available. No worries on parking issue. Maybe we were late that day and there were only two cars in the parking site.

We occupied the Only tables in the dry kitchen, which is separated from other tables. * love this*

You want to dine on this place?

Or here? Hmm..

But, i still like mine de most.

*someone acting cool !*

Nice ambiance !!! The waiters turned off the lights for us.

Bread served with olive oil.

Da Deng. "Main Course Time"
Mine- Chicken Breast ( forget the name ad)
- So so only.

Dear's- Salmon
Very nice !!!! *must try*-

Our dessert

Besides, i also saw some pics uploaded on their website.
Hehe. * Hungry**

You wanna try them out?

After the meals,

*Together* Sweet

Here marked the wonderful memories of our 1st anniversary dinner. =)

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