Friday, 23 July 2010


Hmm. Yay, it's summer!!!! Oops, Malaysia has summer almost everyday. I dislike hot sun. But, lots of good movies are out in summer. Eg. Inception, The sorcerer's apprentice, despicable me, the last air bender etc. ( Not yet watch =.= but going to watch soon).

Movies that i watched:

1. Sex And The City 2 - Thank you The Body Shop for the free ticket (Twins Seats somemore).

2. She's out of my league - thanks, Time Out KL.

Some parts are funny, if u've watched it, u know wat i mean :P

3. Toy Stories 3 - Terima Kasih, Mr Wong. Haha.
I love this movie so much !!!!!!

4. Street Dance - Thanks, Cathay 75th Anniversary Free tickets.
I'm not used to the British Slang indeed, but the movie is ok for me.

5. Twilight Marathon Movie Passes - Thanks, Cinema Online.

Paiseh to say, I never watch Twilight before (due to lack of time before this) although many people said that Twilight Saga is a good movie. Yeah. This time i get the chance to watch three episodes continuously for around 6 - 7 years hours.

It should have started at 9pm, but due to long queue and other matters, the movie started at 10Pm. =.= okie, i had few malay women sat besides me whole nite. I addressed them as Gila Twilight Fanz. They screamed out loud quite often, beh tahan.

After the movie, i conclude myself belong to Edward's gang. (sorry, Jacob).
Eclipse is better than New moon, but i still like the first one. Movie ended at 5am in the morning. And dear and i became zombie ad!!!!

Hmm, Inception and The sorcerer's apprentice, i' coming for u soon!!


jasonW' said...

Thank You Banyak Banyak sweetie gal^-^

jasonW' said...

And also the 'twilight Movie Marathon' 6-7 hours so excited with sweetie :P...Really look like Twilight (Zombie)..hehe

Xiao Yue said...

wakaka..sama sama ^^ Zombie ~~~~~~~