Saturday, 4 September 2010

Free Jerneh Samples- limited to 20 friends of mine who having oily and acne prone skin

I have just been chosen as a VIP! Special thanks to Jerneh by Sheila Majid, they are offering free product samples of their new launch JERNEH SPOT CARE SERIES for oily and acne prone skin to my friends (valid one week from date of this posting, first 20 received). Jerneh Spot Control Gel is formulated to get rid of acne spots as well as reduces your chances of acne scarring.

Many thanks to Sheriel Kok for handpicking me as one of the VIP.

Complete both steps for redemption:

Step 1: register here . Remember to use this promotion code:


(e.g. JERNEH_SAMPLING_20FRIENDS_YETLING) (first come, first served).

Step 2: email a photo of your face profile ( (you may use your hand phone or camera to snap to picture). Send picture with your FULL NAME and promotion code.

Term and Conditions:

  • You must be a registered fan of Jerneh by Sheila Majid.
  • Some would be scratching your head wondering why must you send in a photo of you. Sending Jerneh a picture of face profile allows them to understand their fan’s (yours) oily skin condition better, as well as enable them to to offer better customer service whenever possible.
  • All free samples will be posted directly to you by Jerneh by Sheila Majid.
  • Those who joined Jerneh’s Fan Page may also get the chance to be picked up as VIP along the way.
  • Offer open to 20 of my friends who have oily skin/acne problems AND those residing in Malaysia only.
Wanna know more about Jerneh? This is the link to their website.


w-Fish said...

!! Xiao Yue, I just notice this,


You should change the "VIP’S NAME" to your name, as this is will be the special redemption code for your frens.

Xiao Yue said...

Oops! But the valid date has already passed.