Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Oh No! I Want This AMPM Super Hydra Skin Wakeup Pack

After i reading about it, I feel like i want this so much!

AMPM Super Hydra Skin Wakeup Pack 50ml. I saw it from SHOPSHOP.They are selling at RM69. Sobsob. Currently so poor, i cannot afford it.

AmPm? Wonder why the name is so strange but now i know it.

The concept of this product introduces us that we can have out skin care routine during 'AM' and 'PM'.

Are you dare to do mask during office hour? Obviously, most of us are not dare. But right now, YOU CAN e.v.e.n in your office.

Click for larger image.

Specially for Office Lady! But i think Students also facing dehydration issue too staying long hours in lecture halls.

Now, no worries in getting dehydrated during office hours.

Click for larger image.

Click for large image or visit SHOP SHOP's link.

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susanchu said...

can buy at korean beauty square shop at sg wang or fahrenheit and cost RM79..my sister bought it..will review soon..really hydrating..