Tuesday, 10 February 2009


The day before internship has started..i couldn't explain the feeling. Mixture of nervous and worry. This is what exactly i feel whenever i have a new job. Fortunately such feeling was no more on the next day i woke up, which is today 10 th February 2009.

My normal working hours is from 9am to 6pm. At 8.30am , i was already in my office and briefed by my collegue whose name is Yin May. I am so thankful that she is willing to fetch me to office in the morning. She briefed me on the cleaning job. Don't misunderstand. Those cleaning job is not that kind of sweeping floor and cleaning toilet work. As my boss is so into feng shui, i need
to take care during the cleaning process which mostly taken place into my boss office such as the exact place to put the plate, the jug and even his plants. I was told that one of the antique worth RM 20k. Now keeping my finger crossed, praying having my job done meticulously.

Let's not forget to introduce my other collegues who are David, Yin May, Christine, James, Bee Kun, and Wei Chun. They are very friendly. I hope that i can work well with them for the rest of 3 months. Basically, the job of today were photostating audit report and M&A, banking (which allows me to go for a walk for half an hour, instead banking- in just took us 15 mins..shh). I am glad that there are some freedom given to us and the boss is quite good (according to them). He gave me a RM10 ang pau. Haha.

Punctuality is one of the thing i need to mention. At 5.55pm, we all are prepared to leave the office, holding our bags and waiting near the door. At 6pm sharp, 'ta tang'. All disappeared.

I'm here to wish All the best to my friends who have already started their internship today as those who are self- applied. Hope you all have a memorable and happy internship.


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