Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Sushi Zanmai

Well, let's pictures explain everything. ( I'm kind of tired today)
It's Sushi Zanmai located at One Utama. A place recommended by dear Wan Cheng before for dinning.
It's worthwhile depsite having to wait for seats for around 15 mins. A little chit-chatting with Pooi Gan and Jamie while lining up could make time passed easily.

Sushi Zanmai

Unagi Zanmai (Before)

&After ( it was gone within 3 mins after the sushi been placed on dinning table )

Wasabi. Seriously i don like wasabi. i'm unwillingly to try it.

Ocha ( Green Tea)

Unadon S
It's so mouth watering. However, it's not mine. Regretted for not ordering it. Omg...i couldn't help to steal a small portion from Pooi Gan. It melted once it was put in my mouth. Yummy. I must order it during the next visit to 1 U.

Jamie and i chose ramen. Err this is so so. I prefer Unado more.


And this..
Obviously it's not from Sushi Zanmai.
We went to 100 Yen which is situated not far away from 1U after watching Bride Wars.

Chocolate Flavour

DOn't overjudge me. It's impossible for me to have two in the meantime.
Mango Flavour(Mine)


It's me. ( tired looking)


Aki said...

giv me five!!!

Xiao Yue said...

i give u 10!!