Wednesday, 1 October 2008

New Drink...What is that??

Finally, that's the end of the FR assignment. No more assignment for this holiday!! Hurray!! and 2nd semester is going to start so soon. Wuwuwuwuwuwu. I still want to enjoy my holiday.

Here's i am going to introduce wat a new drink. What's the new drink?

Let u have a look first.

Well, it's home made.


1. Bell Pepper (The Green one)

2. Lemon

3. Guava
Its name is Ms. SOur SOur. ( Weird combination huh)

After having first sip of it, is so so so so sour.

Yuck! I did not wanna to have another sip of it but i had to. WHen u at other people's house, u have to finish the food and drink as it is to show respect and courtesy. Otherwise, they will think the food served is not nice. (In fact, it is not nice.)

Even though it was just half-filled, but it took me almost more than half hour to finish it.
It's really so sour man. Luckily, there came its friends, Mr. Biscuit as its companion.
It's so good to have u.

What's Ms SOur SOur function? They believe that it's good as it could help to keep good skin especially for gals. ( I wonder it is true or not. ) Hehe.

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