Thursday, 9 October 2008

GUeSss..WHo is She ??

EHEM. Today i am going to introduce someone.

WHo is she??


LEt's u have a look on her first.

ANswer: It's 'me' when i was a baby. (OMG i was a fat baby)
ME (BABY): Yes..MUmmY. (Mummy put white powder on my face)

This is my first time seeing 'me'. My mummy kept the pics with her and claimed that she was so lazy to find out the pics even though i begged her for thousand times. = = Finally, today i get to c 'me'.

ME: BUuu.................... (Maybe i was angry)

ME: Knowing MuMMy wanna take pics for me...So excited oO....

FInally, i knew how to walk le.

ME: Kakakaka..(HOlding orange).

I like this pic so much. The dress is so cute.

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