Friday, 3 October 2008

Working Days

It's been more than 6 months i did not work for Demo Power. And now i am back to be the one of the trialing specialists. The product i promote is Airwick Freshmatic. Well, previously was Nescafe Mixes and Nescafe Classic.

Tesco Ampang is the working place for this project. I prefer Paragon Point in fact because the rules and regulation are not as strict as Tesco Ampang. Gladly, i learn new things and experiences when i work. To be independent is wat i wan to be. Every trialing specialist is required to set up their own booth before their working hours start. Last week was my first week of work, but then i found myself was in a mess and i was nervous for unknown reason. After few hours, i get used to it ady. For me, the nightmare is to take out the booth and close it up because the place to put the booth is near the big 'tong sampah'. Sometimes, when u wanna take out the booth, u will find blood on the floor (Definitely not human's, either chicken or fish). The worst thing is u have to close ur booth on the wet and smelly dirty water (like Sau sui) . Yuck. And u have to step on it. Err....

The booth is not the one which i used last time. This one is so so much heavier than the old one. Of course, it looks nice but tortures me more. It hurts my hand. = =. Luckily, there were some gals helping me last week. They were so kind to help me when they saw me so kelam kabut, but this week i am on my own. Their projects ended last week. I am happy that i managed to settle things by myself. I close up the booth in 7 mins. It tooks me 10 or 15 mins last time. Proven that practice makes perfect. And the funniest thing was there's a hole on my socks. SO Geng. I just wore it for the first time today le. No wonder my toes are so painful today.

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